Shift Work And Kids

So there are always Pros and Cons to everything but after a few 12 hour night shifts when you get through your front door you are tired! Unfortunately everyone else in this house has only just woken up so don’t quite understand even your wife sometimes who I know has been up probably a couple […]

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Kids Singing Phase

I love that my eldest has started to get into music but the songs he decides to like I find to be a bit random he likes a lot of the Disney songs like all young kids do but he also knows all the words to Will Smith – Miami. For instance I was getting […]

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So Off The Top Of My Head

A few weeks back the youngest had just been born and we needed the big food shop for the week I decide I’ll go and bring the eldest with me. The eldest ‘J’ is just what you’d expect from a little boy a bouncing ball of infinite energy he has a bit of cheek to […]

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What’s It About?

Just general random & hopefully occasionally funny bits from life as a normalish family & maybe give other mum’s and dads that sense of “oh it’s not just us that’s happened to!” With a bit of light hearted banter along the way …

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To Begin

I’m 25 although not for much longer, married to a woman 3 years older than me I’ll refer to as ‘K’ so yeah part of the toy boy club. I have 2 great little boys the eldest ‘J’ is 3 and a half yrs old and ‘O’ is not quite 6 weeks. I work shift […]

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