So Off The Top Of My Head

A few weeks back the youngest had just been born and we needed the big food shop for the week I decide I’ll go and bring the eldest with me.

The eldest ‘J’ is just what you’d expect from a little boy a bouncing ball of infinite energy he has a bit of cheek to him but in reality a heart of gold. He loves his mum but he wants playtime to be with his dad because he is a rough and tumble type of kid but his mum has heart palpitations just watching him run near concrete.

Anyway I digress, we get to asda (our closest suoermarket) and I decide to try making the shop a little more fun for the eldest. We are walking down the fridge aisle filled with beef, pork, lamb etc and I stop and whisper to him “Shhhh we have to be quiet down here, the Gruffulo lives down here..” (he is a big fan of all the Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler books), so he crouches down and saying “shhhhh” to me.

Then he shouts loud and pointing “There is the Gruffulo!!!” As this giant Shrek looming guy walks past staring.

2 choices at this point apologise or laughing, so there I am in the middle of the meat aisle at Asda crying with laughter as this bloke carries on and “J” stands proud as anything that he found the Gruffulo. 😂

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