Shift Work And Kids

So there are always Pros and Cons to everything but after a few 12 hour night shifts when you get through your front door you are tired! Unfortunately everyone else in this house has only just woken up so don’t quite understand even your wife sometimes who I know has been up probably a couple of times during the night for kids.

However I swear on my life I hadn’t even got the front door half way open the other day and immediately heard from upstairs “Adam the O needs a bottle of milk he has just woke up and J has peed so much he has overfilled his nappy in the night and the bedding needs changing!” …. I know I signed up for this really but you can’t help but think to yourself in those moments how nice it’d be to just be able to get yourself straight into bed for 8 hours especially when the concept of 8 hours sleep disappeared years ago lol.

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