Not All Jokes

We have been toilet training J our eldest this year and I’m sure like anybody who has done it the beginning felt like an unwinnable war. We tried for 2 weeks and everyone involved I think was stressed out over it so me and K my wife decided we’d stop give it a couple months break then start again. So we started again this time instead of asking him every 15 minutes if he needed to go we asjes him just to let us know if he needed to go and after week 1 the house smelled like a toilet even though we tried scrubbing everything we had windows open, we even rolled up our living room rug wrapped it in plastic and chucked it in the garden shed. If he did pee or poo himself we sat him on the toilet cleaned him and the mess up and just reminded him to let us know next time. After another few days he asked to do a wee in the toilet which wasn’t the 1st time but this time we made it!! We put stars on his chart told him how good he was and he was super proud of himself. There have been a few more accidents since then but generally most days both wee’s and poo’s go in the toilet and I’m not sure as a parent who is more proud the kid or yourselves as it really does feel like an accomplishment.

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