Kids just don’t have volume control

So my eldest “J” loves swimming always has done from a really young age so as you do we got him into swimming lessons. The local pool however doesn’t have the greatest of facilities it’s just a small indoor pool attached to the side of a primary school. Therefore when there is a large group of kids in a swimming lesson who need adults in with them everyone bundles in the same changing rooms, being less dads than mum’s the dads get the few cubicles available and call out if it’s ok to leave. J has gotten a lot more aware of things around him being his age and the fact that he seems to have verbal diarrhea means anything he sees needs to be broadcast and/or question. So when we are standing there naked with our swimming trunks off he doesn’t mind looking at himself then looking and me then bellowing “Wow Daddy you have a big Willy!” Then come the sniggers from outside our cubicle …. although I guess at least he didn’t say it was small you gotta love it when they have little life experience to compare things to 🤣

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